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the banker and the boobs


A male banker looking at boobs? What a shocker.



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fancy stop motion

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flaws and all

Val sent this to me and now I’m obsessed. I think it’s a beautiful song and quite accurate. And then Vinny sent me an article about Jay-Z and this is what he said…

“I don’t think there is such thing as a perfect relationship. It is unrealistic and hoping for too much. I don’t think it is worth all that pressure. We also have our struggles and problems.” via.

I really wonder what they could possibly argue about?

Beyonce: Hey jerk! You moved my Grammy to make room for your AMA? How rude?!
Jay-Z: Well stop putting your Grammy everywhere. Just because you have more than any other female doesn’t mean you have to put them everywhere!
Beyonce:It matches the couch in this room and I WANT IT HERE.

Jay’s phone rings.

Beyonce: Who is that? Rihanna again?
Jay-Z: It’s Kanye.
Beyonce: Uh-huh. How convenient for you. I’ll fucking kill you motherfucker.
Jay-Z:Ohhhh. I’m soooo scared.

Beyonce lunges at Jay-Z with her Grammy.

Fade to Black

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new yorkers are assholes?

Comedian Mark Malkoff spends two days trying to get from downtown Manhattan to Harlem by having strangers carry him. He wanted to prove that New Yorkers are really nice people, deep down inside. They are nice – when there is a camera crew and two minutes of fame waiting for them at the other side.

Watch it. It’s funny.

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senior citizens and the internets

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happy honika

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I’m pretty sure I want a mobile home now.



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