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my dream | computer


From here.

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It took me a while to see it…

From Awkwardfamilyphotos.com


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free to | blog again!

no smoke

Hello dear friends!

Sorry I haven’t been writing as much. It was a really busy summer and I just couldn’t pry myself away from the many engagements that required my attention. Please see below for list of engagements.

1) Quitting Smoking

Not smoking took up a lot of my time. Not only could I barely think of anything else besides the fact that I wasn’t smoking but I could barely talk about anything else. Ex: “If this were yesterday, I would be smoking right now.” “You know what I want? Yup. A cigarette.” “I love smoking and this quitting nonsense is just not fair.” It came to a point where I wanted to kick my own ass. Luckily for me, when I tried to become a smoker again with ‘just one cigarette’, I threw up all day and never second guessed my decision to quit again. Now that I am nicotine free physically and mentally, I am free to blog again.

2) Getting Fat

I’m sure there a lot worse things in life than fat face but when I have one, I can’t seem to think of any. A former skinny bitch, I used to pride myself on being able to use my sharp, protruding hip bone as a weapon. But now, the only bones I am dealing with are connected to fried chicken. Just kidding. I don’t eat that anymore because I’m on a diet. A “I ain’t eating nothing till I loose this weight” diet. So now that I am no longer eating all day like it’s going out of style, I am free to blog again.

3) I Met a Boy…Named Vinny

Sure, consistent sex kept me busy but it was more so the preparation for consistent sex. Shaving everyday plus doing my hair plus picking out the perfect outfit (+ accessories) for dinner took up a lot of time. And when I wasn’t doing those things I was thinking about doing those things. But now that we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend and I know he’s not going anywhere if I accidentally forget to shave my knees, I am free to blog again.

In conclusion, I am free to blog again. And I will. So stay tuned for stories about funerals, tow truck drivers and my new love for brand new babies. It’ll be fun ya’ll so get comfy and stay awhile.


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living within means

More here.


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rage | against the machine | pt 1


I have spent the last three weeks trying to get fired. My efforts have been fruitless.

This is my story.

Three weeks ago, The Man summoned me into his office. I had just submitted another report with an abundance of errors. The numbers didn’t match up. I forgot, yet again, to format the columns correctly. He was angry.

“Diana. I have given you so many chances. I really don’t want to do this but if you don’t impress me in the next three weeks, I’m going to have to let you go.”

At first I was like, omg. omg. omg. omg. I’m going to get fired. How will I live? What if this? What if that? omg.

But then I was like, this is awesome. My dream of being unemployed will finally come true! Instead of spending my days carelessly dealing with clients I couldn’t care less about, I could actually be productive. I could do my hair and clean my room in the way it deserves to be cleaned. I can lunch and play tennis. I can write blogs to my hearts desire without looking over my shoulder in fear. Most importantly, I could sleep late and not take that vile F train with those peasants.

Not impressing The Man turned out to be easy. I simply continued doing what I was doing. And some.

I took two vacation days. And two sick days. I came a bit late and left a bit early. I stopped responding to emails. I rolled my eyes when passing people in the hall. I didn’t flush the toilet. I made penis art with my desktop icons. I then saved it to my desktop and called it Diana.

And then came week 3. I emailed The Man to talk.

“So, I was wondering what my status was here?” I asked.

He proceeded to tell me all of the things I was doing wrong. Again. With every fault of mine he mentioned, I nodded my head and said I know. I’m trying my best. It’s just that Excel is not my thing. I can’t help it. It’s just not my thing. I get easily confused.

He noted that he couldn’t believe I just told him “excel was not my thing.”

I noted that I was just being honest. Then I asked if I will have a job next week.

“Yes, you will have a job next week. You will have a review and maybe we’ll send you to Excel training.”

“Right. Thanks. Okay. I’m going to go now. Thanks. Okay. Bye” I said before rushing outside to have a fit. A review? Excel training? Really? REALLY?

What in the fucks name does a chick gotta do to get fired these days? I shall tell you.

Next time.

PS. Don’t IM me with questions in regards to this topic until I am on my non-work IM. K. Thanks.


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picture | perfect


That’s Anna. I’ve known her for a few years. Zohra and I were recently reading her (Zs) old journal. There was an entry about how Anna didn’t want to hang out with me when we were young (13) because I was bad and hung out with the wrong kids. I was and I did. But there is also an entry where Zohra writes “DIANA MUST DIE TODAY” and that is all. I must of done something real bad if she couldn’t even muster the energy to elaborate.

I’m so happy my friends love me as much as I love them.



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