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new round monopoly

In an effort to make more money, as well as celebrate the 75th anniversary, Hasbro has come out with a new round Monopoly. A new round Monopoly that has discourages cheating by having a debit card instead of cash.

To this I say NO. The point of Monopoly was cheating. It wasn’t about how many properties you could buy but about how many $500 you could take from the bank without anyone noticing. Nothing is the same anymore and this saddens me. Wah.

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oregon | trail !!!


So I was reading more conversations on Holy Taco and one of them was about Oregon Trail. I used to play that game in elementary school and so I was like, I must play it. So I Googled and found the original one – see screenshot above. Then I played for about 5 minutes and then I got bored. I’m not even sure why I felt inclined to use 3 ! in the title even. But you might not be so ADD and so if you want to play, click here. I think it only works with IE though and so MAC users are assed out.

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