diana5 this is me. i write this shit.




daniel: he doesn’t go to parties – parties go to him. enjoys bird watching. unemployed. info straight up from his eHarmony profile. must be true. 


val: enjoys making color-coded spreadsheats. the highlight of her day is highlighting her day. harbors illegal immigrants.  


zohradevil3zohra: professional rock hurler on account of being from afghanistan. raging alcoholic. will trick you into marriage with a single dance and three claps.


vinnyvinny: fact nerd. especially when it comes to your mom. rides a bike. don’t expect him to stop by if he’s in the neighborhood. isn’t allowed in parks.


9 responses to “contributors

  1. Jamie

    You know this whole helping people thing is keeping me away from the exciting adventures of douche baggery. Perhaps its time to sell whats left of my soul and join!!!

  2. you’ve got a great blog here. so funny…

  3. yo can how can i be down? i send you enough things, c’mon! and tell val i’m here illegally 😉

  4. thank you, radmila! glad you dig it. 🙂

    rodrigo – you are sooo bad! i will let her know for sure. lol. and contributors go through a tough process yo.

  5. tough process? i lived thru craziness during the holidays. the irish potato famine aint got a thing on that! yo lol

  6. my blog wishes it could be as cool as your blog.

  7. val

    shit. my illegal patrolling eye has really been off lately. i should have spotted a “rodrigo” from about 25 posts away.

  8. Zohra

    Since people are commenting the contributors page I thought I would add I love that girl Zohra she is mighty sexual and funny. I wish I was her OH wait that is me hahaha people false alarm! CLAP CLAP!

  9. i just realized you clap claped yourself. not sure if you’re trying to marry yourself or just informing everyone of your trendy new disease.

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