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senior citizens and the internets


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spread your legs

They just don’t make em like that anymore.

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happy honika

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kate moss is skinny

I was reading when I stumbled upon this quote from Kate Moss

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

I immediately fell in love with it but I just couldn’t help but think that what she really meant to say was that “nothing tastes as good as coke off a dirty toilet” Agreed and Agreed.

I think this is the quote that will finally inspire me to quit drinking soda and eating loafs of bread when Vinny is at work.

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me | in a trunk

The picture is pretty self explanatory. That’s me in a trunk. Vinny’s trunk. He got a new car a few months ago and I wanted to see how comfortable I could get back there if he proved to be one of those Italians.

I decided to post it for my favorite occasional black man, Tannerleah. He asked where I was (in a trunk?) and there is nothing more beautiful than strangers asking where you’ve been. This makes me feel popular, beautiful and reaffirms my belief that I am better than you. Oh, there it goes again. Feel free to say hello to my ego as it passes over your house. Don’t expect a hello back. Ego is a snob.

That’s pretty much it. Expect more posts. If I fail you, read Tannerleah instead. He is hilarious.


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