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local | commercials

I’m pretty sure I want a mobile home now.




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i love | to travel!


I hate people who say things like “I love to travel.” It’s like saying “I love bread.” Of course you love bread. It’s delicious. And traveling is fun. You get to leave your regular life and go hang out somewhere else. What is not lovable about this? Nothing. Exactly. So next time someone asks you what you enjoy to do, please refrain from saying traveling. Instead say you enjoy breathing. “I enjoy breathing. But only once in a while if the funds permit.”


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naked | marge


Marge Simpson is the original hot chick with a douche bag.

See her Playboy issue here here.

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falcon | and the balloon

This is what dumb looks like.

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beyonce: black | white?

bad 2

bad 3


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grammar | nazi

grammar nazi

I used to be one of those people. You know, the grammar nazi who would correct you if you dared use the wrong there/their/they’re. This was ironic since I was the one that required a cheat sheet when working with Naomi at Clubplanet. She wrote the above down on a Post-It and I referred to it when writing articles. I loved it and used it daily when one day, I spilled my coffee on it. It’s a sad thing to lose your coffee and your grammar education in the same day. I have never fully recovered, which you would know if you read any of this shit. I’m excited for this new post-it. Whoray for good grammar!

Want your own? Hear you go.



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nyc advertising | takeover

I loathe the advertising industry. I heart this video.

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