best | wedding | ever

I’m not one of those regular girls. I don’t shop for hours, I hate fighting and sometimes I pee standing up. I also don’t live my life to get married. However, I do love weddings. And I love, love, LOVE this video. Two people in love having fun on their wedding day. Isn’t that what it’s all about?



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5 responses to “best | wedding | ever

  1. crazy hilarious..and if i ever get married i second the soul train way of coming down..i mean i’ll already be sporting my converses under my white gown, and i plan on taking some break dancing lessons so it’ll be all good…ps..i miss you.

  2. daniel

    that’s awesome. if i ever get married (hahahaha) i want a gaggle of midgets to carry my bride out as we sing the “age of Aquarius”

  3. Sarah/The Old Roomie

    Im 99% positive I’ll be stealing this idea at my wedding…but I’ll be choosing a song with the words “pussy, whips, chains, and fuck” in it….just to shake things up. No one likes to be boring

  4. Jamie

    this makes me mad…ask Val, like 2 years ago i said i wanted to walk down the isle to Get Your Freak on….they stole my idea those serostitutes

  5. I love this video, it brought tears to my eyes,actually… little hormonal in the menopause years. but, it was the freedom these two felt in celebrating their union… pretty cool!

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