abs of | steel


^ last summer. not quite there.

I have recently taken up laundry in an effort to get abs of steel. While I have not achieved my goal just yet, I do see the formation of lines. Excitement.

If you would like abs of steel, simply follow these simple instructions.

1) When transferring clothing from teleshka or hamper bag, randomly drop articles of clothing on the floor.*

2) Pick up said random articles. Do not bend your knees and suck your stomach in.

3) Repeat

I look forward to my new physique and can’t wait to move on to lunges.

*Dropping of clothes must be done accidentally as doing it on purpose would make you a retard.



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15 responses to “abs of | steel

  1. Im sorry.
    I really tried reading this, but all I could do is stare at your boobs of glory.

  2. Jamie Spencer

    Once again……Schmokin hot……
    FYI, i just qiut smoking again and I too am getting back on the work out wagon. It’s been overdue for a while. I started seeing lines as well, but most people I talked to called them rolls….and well, you know the rest….

  3. ROFL. I must try this work out plan. I too long for abs of steel and since my mom does my laundry now, I’m not lifting that heavy laundry teleshka anymore.

  4. YOWZA! Lookin’ good. Post that shit bigger next time, girlie.

  5. This is my favorite post ever. Esp. the “don’t drop them on purpose or you’re a retard.” I long for the days of living in Manhattan, when i dropped my laundry off and I never even had to think about doing that bullshit myself. But enough about me.

  6. WOW. You made Cary com. Comment.

    You look NOTHING like the fro monster I have come to love.

    I love you anyway. In that way that makes me want to stick a shiv in your skinny-perky-tittied ass. Okay, your ass doesn’t have perky tits. Whatever. Don’t over-think it.

  7. Jason

    Um… is that a barbie doll next to you? You brought a doll to the beach? I mean… I get a lot of the weird shit you do/say… but a doll?


  8. Amara

    Do you want to do mine and Zaara’s laundry? I mean, we live down the block and I will do ANYTHING to help you acheive your abs of steel. I’m just that good of a friend.

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