new | layout

i decided i wanted a change and so i changed the layout but i lost the banner in the process. of course.

please refrain from telling me about how shitty you think it looks. i know because i am wearing my glasses today. i personally feel val should make me a new one. she is so good at what she does and it would be an honor to host her work. 770 x 140.

k. bye.



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3 responses to “new | layout

  1. daniel

    isn’t she unemployed ? does she get unemployee of the month ?

    i will not tell you how i really dont like the new layout. i will also not tell you that the smiley face that only i can see has moved to a new spot.

  2. I’m so not design driven I can’t even tell what’s missing. It’s still like, a bajillion times sleeker and cleaner than every other blog on the web.

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