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The below is an email is from Zohra. It made me laugh and perhaps it will make you laugh, too. Enjoy.

Hey I know you wanted to take a break from people and that is cool but I just have to voice the fact that you have been doing this a lot lately. this is like a hobby of yours like Tennis and coin collecting for bored white people.

I don’t know how I feel about this and honestly you wouldn’t survive in a monastery! First of all the people there are bald cause monks are bald and this can be difficult to watch…second they don’t talk, like ever! You wouldn’t be able to make rude comments about their orange robes or yell at one of them for not cooking the rice and bean curd the way you like it. Also they don’t listen to Justin or Coldplay – more like Enya. Can you listen to Enya all day???? I don’t think you can. HOW can you be creative when you don’t have people saying stupid stuff around you? Cause they won’t ever say anything and you can’t just write about one of them falling down the stairs without a witty remark from one of the other monks…so how will you do your “Overheard in Monastery,” part of your blog? What would you write about? “The quiet people are STILL QUIET?” or” YAYLING wore his orange rob again and it was nice.”

I hope that when you come back from this hiatus you have a television show to return to. CAUSE WE JUST GOT CANCELLED BOOOYAHHHH BITCH!


Later is right but I responded to her. This was my email.

Rofl. I’m posting this.

Hers was funnier I think.



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5 responses to “zohra | email

  1. daniel

    i ❤ zohra

  2. me

    me hearts zohra 2 for being pritty u neek…

  3. I need to hang out with this girl. Also, I love the idea that monks are just sitting around listening to Enya.

  4. Jamie

    ha ha ha, and i do know a bunch of boring white people that also collect stamps and watch birds, vicious beasts!

  5. My husband is bald and listens to Enya. Fucking monk.

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