stolen | goods


A pineapple. Wasn’t really stolen but $3 for that is certainly a steal. I bought one for Lia too as it was her birthday and we proceeded to walk around the East Village as if they were our babies. At one point, I lost mine at the bar but we were reunited shortly after. I have named him Pineapple.

A glass from d.b.a. There was something about it and so I had to have it.

A candle from that place in Park Slope we always go to when there is nowhere else to go. The name escapes me but I’ll be sure to edit once it comes to me.

Jamie took stole it for me. It was a lovely surprise because that evening, the girls dared me to finish all of the food I had ordered. Two hours later I finished the meal and then Jamie started giving my hand a massage. I thought it was a way to reward me for eating and so I just sat back and relaxed as she molested my hand with a gooey substance. I didn question what it was but then she leaned in close and whispered into my ear, “I poured all the wax out of the candle so you can have it.” Why she had to pour it out on my hand, I don’t know, but it felt nice.

Ah. Simple love.



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2 responses to “stolen | goods

  1. Jamie

    yes our love is simple my dear, i will steal almost anything from a bar for you!!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect night.

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