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That’s Anna. I’ve known her for a few years. Zohra and I were recently reading her (Zs) old journal. There was an entry about how Anna didn’t want to hang out with me when we were young (13) because I was bad and hung out with the wrong kids. I was and I did. But there is also an entry where Zohra writes “DIANA MUST DIE TODAY” and that is all. I must of done something real bad if she couldn’t even muster the energy to elaborate.

I’m so happy my friends love me as much as I love them.




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8 responses to “picture | perfect

  1. You and I both know what you did to warrant that diary entry.

  2. Barbara

    Very cuattteeee!!!

  3. that entire period of life was oh so icky.

  4. Jamie Spencer

    You are schmokin’ hot in that dress!

  5. I wish I still had my childhood diaries. Especially the one my brother read about an asshole bullying me at school. It inspired my bro to catch up to the asshole outside the boys’ gym after school and kick his ass. Violence is not the answer, but it was one hell of a solution.

  6. What the hell happened to your Christmas tree? It looks more like a bush.

  7. jamie – thanks. im smokin hot when i take it off too.

    jessico 0 – i wish i had mine as well. i destroyed them at 18. what a loser i am.

    tl – that is not a christmas tree. it is a hanukkah bush that moonlighted as a new years tree. we are russian jews, ya dig?

  8. Jamie Spencer

    Prove it!

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