bill corgan | insane


I don’t understand what’s going on here. Are they together? Or is he just shopping around for a new STD? I want to know.

I hate this Tila Tequila girl. Sure, she’s hot in that Hep C way but not the type you bring outside. But then again, I’m not a man and so I probably don’t understand the appeal. Ugh. Billy Corgan – you are dead to me. Not that you were ever alive to me but I thought we shared an understanding that you keep the hoes in the closet and bring the classy lady on the carpet. Whatever. I’m over it. Not really.



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3 responses to “bill corgan | insane

  1. See what smack does to your sensibilities?

  2. Ugh. Both of them are insufferable in their own unique ways. Plus, remember that Billy Corgan went out with Courtney Love. So, you know…

  3. smack is wack.

    and yes, he did date courtney love but at least she has talent. okay, that’s debatable but at least she isn’t famous for being famous. i hate those slutty whores.

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