oh | jesus

Sometimes when people talk to me and I don’t care about what they’re saying, I too wish I could just pass out. But I never do. I just zone out instead and say key phrases like “omg, really?” or “that’s so interesting” or “OMG! ME too!” And it usually works but when it doesn’t, I just say “huh?” and then they move on.

And really, I do try not to laugh at other peoples misfortune but usually my efforts are blah. I think its because I might be Satan.



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3 responses to “oh | jesus

  1. Wow, can I PLEASE not have the fat dude on the left around me if I collapse?

  2. My sentiments exactly, tannerleah. “Action Jackson” didn’t even bother to take his hands out of his pockets.

    I’ve seen people faint, but never while they were speaking. It was like in slow motion. Cool.

  3. i was on the train standing next to the doors when the woman next to me passed out on me. at first i thought she was just trying to get through and so i moved and she ended up falling to the floor.

    action jackson is haha funny.

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