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I was at my parent’s house this weekend and I was hungry. So I decided to make eggs because that’s all they had. So I’m taking out the skillet and all the necessary ingredients needed to make my fancy breakfast. So my mom is like, what are you doing? And I’m like, I’m making eggs and then my dad is like, open the window. And my mom is like, why? And he’s like, for when the fire starts. The smoke will go out quicker. And then my mom is like, nu Igor. Leave her alone. And he’s like, hahahahahaha. And I’m like, what the fuck? Wahhh.

That pretty much explains why I don’t cook. But I still really love cooking products that I would definitely use if I had to make something. And for everyone’s information, I haven’t caused a fire or burnt a hole in non-microwavable Tupperware in over a year. So in yo face fools.

This butter thing is only $3.98. A steal!

Buy here.

Saw it here.

Tip: When making Rice-a-roni, add water to rice before microwaving.




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4 responses to “easy | butter

  1. So. Um. Was this incident over a year ago?

  2. the rice thing was over a year ago. i was going through some mental troubles and couldn’t focus on much. it also took me two months to realize why it happened. i am a mess. 🙂

  3. WOW…im a sucky cook too but i so want that butter thing..though now days the butter comes with those things on the wrapper already…

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