stupid | rihanna


Okay. Here is a list.

1) I don’t feel like writing real stuff because I don’t feel like it and that is why I’m posting pictures of stupid whores and their new ink.
2) The above stupid whore is Rihanna. I’m so sick of her already.
3) Which is why I posted a picture of her. And the thing is that I like tattoos and think they mean something.
4) But why a gun?
5) You think that will save you the next time someone will try to beat you? Seriously. Just buy a real one and move on.



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6 responses to “stupid | rihanna

  1. Can CB just kill her so we can move onto more important things?

  2. moreuniquethanmyname

    ugh i’m so sick of herrrr!!!!

  3. i agree with tannerleah….though i did get some new kick ass ink…and it wasn’t of a gun..

  4. daniel

    CB needs to learn from my man Ike.

    Take this quote from his 2001 autobiography:
    “Sure, I’ve slapped Tina… There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I have never beat her.”

  5. sevedra

    he is an ass and she should get her ass out of his life. plus, out of my face.

  6. viktoryian

    Common! She is ” a good girl gone bad” ! She is a kid who has got too much money! Let her live her life!
    Though…I´m really fed up with all that noise arond her..

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