homeless in | new york


In the spirit of being fair, I’ve decided to post this rant about homeless people in New York. And by homeless people, I mean young drug addict kids who sit on the floor with signs that say “I want to go home. Please help me.”

Here’s the thing – I don’t give a flying shit fuck if you want to go home. Because if you really did, you’d call whoever was at this home you so desperately seek and ask them for help. The truth is that you want drugs. I know you do because you have meth face and track marks in your arms. So why can’t you just be honest? I would give you money for drugs and I’m sure so would a lot of people. Know why? Because midtown is home to strung out losers and whores and they all know what it feels like. Just because they have jobs doesn’t mean they don’t wish they were doing lines somewhere.

So do me a favor young children. Be more creative with your signs because this one is old. And I’m offended. Also feeling a little bipolar. And bored.




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3 responses to “homeless in | new york

  1. val

    “i had to suck billys willy to buy crayons to make this sign. pls give me money so i dont have to do it again.”

  2. American Heavy

    good point.
    i’m not against their “get me high under the guise of going home” campaign.” if they want someone else to sponsor their wasted potential i’m all for it. it’s like playing god.

    • today there was a man with a sign that said “im not lying. or trying to get home. just trying to get by.” so i gave him money. but then i thought, perhaps you should be dancing or something because all your lazy ass did was write this sign. sigh. those poor folks will never win.

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