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Fucking math. No friend of mine.

Trying to teach me anything in regards to numbers is like teaching a stupid old dog how to sit on command. It just doesn’t work and is a waste of time. Unfortunately, math is in my life because my work involves it.

For instance, today I had to do billing. I actually love billing (i dont get it either) but the man decided to make that shit complicated with percentages. See below.

– Only bill Google and Yahoo (70% – 30%)
– Total Media per Month – $45,454.55
– Dart Fees per Month – $54,645.93
– Mgmt Fees – $4641.71 per Month (10% of Gross)

So of course I was like, what the fuck does that mean. Well. Not really. I knew what it meant, I just didn’t know how to do the math. Instead of figuring it out, I text Daniel to find out if he knew math. He said he didn’t, which I knew is a lie. But instead of harassing him re: his filthy lies, I decided that maybe I should take the mans advice and just figure it out. And so I Googled it to find the formula. Instead I found the most amazing tool ever. A percent calculator!!! All you have to do is put numbers in and it does it all for you. Check it out here!

Then I decided to use the mans advice some more and so I went the extra mile. And found a gram to ounce calculator!!! This is useful for things such as baking and drug dealing.

I’m so excited.


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