have sex | get AIDS


This is the new ad campaign for MTV Brazil. The point is that if you’ve had sex with Madonna, then it is likely you will die of AIDS. I get it.

I’d like to see a Brooklyn version of this little degrees-of-separation chart. I don’t know who it would start with but I know it would end with everyone dying of AIDS. But not me. I’m all about being safe and shit like that.

The moral of the story is to use a condom. Even if you think you’re allergic to latex because I assure you that’s all in your head.

Click here to see the entire ad and also to see if you will get AIDS.



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5 responses to “have sex | get AIDS

  1. val

    great ads turn me on. i know AIDS is not funny or anything, but i always think of that south park episode where they had “Aids”.

    disclaimer: im sorry.

  2. I think it’s also saying if you’ve had sex with one celebrity, you can claim to have had sex with all celebrities.

  3. hahahah I really enjoyed this. Would you like to exchange blogroll links? I feel like I”m going to add you to my list anyway. Haha. KEEP POSTING.

  4. xopherwells – in that case, if you had sex with one person in brooklyn, you can claim to have had sex with all people from brooklyn. and then you’ll die of AIDS.

    thelakattack – i would love to exchange blog links! i feel we hate much of the same people and so it makes sense. lets get this party started, yo.

  5. marcosazambuja

    Yeah, good ad, straight to the point. Last month MTV droped another campaign here in Brazil, by the advertising agency Loducca (www.loducca.com.br/site/index.html): it claimed that “except for AIDS, nothing has changed” (http://tinyurl.com/ctkqla). Retro porn. It’s a very unusual campaign for our average moral (about 90% of brazilian people are catholic), but it appeared only in focused media vehicules. It would NEVER make it to the mainstream!

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