he’s just not | that into you *spoilers?


Okay. So much to say, so little bandwidth.

I never read reviews before watching a movie because for the most part, I think reviewers are just people with opinions who write well. I think they are stupid (on account of being people) and I much rather see and judge for myself. Twas no different with He’s Just Not That Into You. But I read the reviews after I saw it and I’d like to say that I disagree with them for the most part. Shocker.

Most thought it was a misogynistic romantic comedy that put women in a bad light. I just thought it was an exaggerated take on reality. But maybe just my reality? I mean, if you’re a 50-year-old married balding man, you will hardly understand the significance of the events that take place in the movie.

Take Ginnifer Goodwin’s character, Gigi. She is a crazy stalker who doesn’t know how to date. Most of her behavior is embarrassing and for the most part, it made me very uncomfortable watching her. But I know her. I know her because girls really do behave like this. And I know this because I have guy friends and they show me the text messages/emails/IMs. (It’s a lot sadder when you see it happening in real life.) But also because some of my girl friends have behaved like this. And perhaps I myself have behaved like this. Is she a loser? Yes. But haven’t we all been there at one point or another? Why hate. Let’s appreciate. And learn.


Misogynistic. No. Because the movie wasn’t only about how girls like boys who don’t like them back. The movie was also about how boys like girls who don’t like them back. Take Kevin Connolly’s character, Conor. Sure, Gigi stalks Conor but Conor stalks Anna, played by Scarlett Johansson. He doesn’t get that she doesn’t like him and its like watching a sad train wreck because we all know she doesn’t but he goes and tries to buy a house for them. The moral is that boys have feelings, too. Guys stress out about it just as much as girls do but they’re are just more composed in their loserness and hide it much better. I know this to be true in real life, too. I see the text messages/emails/IMs.


Marriage/Divorce. Reviewers said all women want to do is get married or some shit like this. Well Neil (Ben Affleck) and Beth (Jennifer Aniston) have been together for 7 years and are in their 30s. Why shouldn’t she expect to get married? And so what if she wants to. It’s not like she’s crying about it being 24. Or 26. For me, the movie reaffirmed my belief that marriage, while nice, is bogwash. Because Ben cheats on his wife Janine (Jennifer Connolly) with Anna and that shit could happen whether you have a license to be together or not. (And also girls do it too in the real world). Its unfortunate but it happens. Divorce just sucks because it’s a legal hassle but a breakup is a breakup no matter what you call it.

Conclusion: There is nothing romantic or comedic about it when your friend is sitting on the crate at 3AM in the morning, crying about another boy who has not given her the love she deserves. Or telling a story about the little thing he did that means nothing at all. Or writing out a detailed plan of action about how the plan has now changed but the same crazy behavior is still in effect. It’s not funny when it happens in real life but if you aren’t living it (or have lived it), then you certainly won’t find it funny on the screen. I thought it was one laugh short of highlarious and a must see for 20-something singles.



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3 responses to “he’s just not | that into you *spoilers?

  1. Sarah/The Roommate

    I’m printing this out and emailing it to Peter Travers at Rolling Stone as an exampe of what a movie review SHOULD look like 🙂

    I wonder what the large John C. Reily-ish man in front of us thought of the film?

    I’m pretty sure I would have liked this movie no matter what…I could look at Bradley Cooper for hours and Justin Long is such a loveable douche.

    All in all a good night.

  2. Sarah/The Roommate

    10 Chick Flick Cliches that are not in “he’s just not that into you”

    This is amazing.


    you saw the movie while i was sick at home with my man voice….that’s wrong

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