vagina wax illegal | in nj


I hate this story.

Two Jersey whores were injured while getting their vag’s waxed and so now the board of whocares has decided to make it illegal for everyone else who wants to get their vag waxed.

Everyone is so rule happy nowadays. Whatever happened to freedom and the right to hair removal at your own risk.



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4 responses to “vagina wax illegal | in nj

  1. daniel

    yet another reason to stay away from jersey girls.

  2. boutaboy

    The comment’s really funny… no offence to jersey girls please… hmm… male photo when you are talking abt vag’s waxing…

  3. boutaboy

    hahah funny…

  4. thanks for stopping by!

    i typed in “bikini wax” into google and this is what it gave me. so i used it. perhaps i should have titled the post “cock waxing.” next time…

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