jesus | loves me


I was out with the ladies when I started talking.

“You know that song with the words? I like it but they don’t play it anymore. I wish they did.”

So apparently this was crazy talk because then they started laughing at me and Jamie was like, “Do you mean songs from 10 years ago that they don’t play anymore?”

And I’m like, no. They always play songs from 10 years ago. They never play this. It’s the song where I thought it was a girl singing but turns out it was a guy.

They had no idea what I was talking about and I got mad on the inside. But then I realized I had that boy/girl confusion conversation with someone else. Then I got unmad.

So today as I was driving to the parents, the best thing on earth happened. Hot 97 played the song!! It was as if Jesus himself came from the sky and walked on water in front of me and then fed me some bread.

And I thought I was going to die because I was so excited. And also because I was texting myself the lyrics to futurely Google it and I almost crashed.

Yeah. I said futurely. It makes perfect sense.

PS. If you judge me for liking this song, then please know that I LOVE it. In fact, listening to it right now as I molest my keyboard with these words.



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3 responses to “jesus | loves me

  1. is that whoopi goldberg?
    ps..i like this much so i think i want to talk with an island accent all day tomorrow

  2. thanks for stopping by!

    and yes, i do agree. island accents are quite sexy and fun. i just wish i was actually on the island and not here. 🙂

  3. Jamie

    That was the song you were talkin about? Not even on my radar woman.

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