fat fuck | fridays

Today The Man indirectly told me that I have to try harder and “go the extra mile.” Actually it wasn’t that indirect. He said those exact words which is why I used the ” “. Because I like and respect him, I will do as he wishes. And so today I care more about making him happy than entertaining you. I am sorry.

Thank you Rodrigo for sending me cool stuff.




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6 responses to “fat fuck | fridays

  1. Sarah/The Roommate

    God damn you….what am I supposed to do today at work…WORK?


  2. Sadly, it apperas that they all survived their various tragedies. Surely Jesus could have taken the kid that lit himself on fire.

  3. Archi

    a contribution 🙂

  4. When aliens come to earth and enslave our civilization the fat guy with the swimming pool will be the opening act in their version of sea world.
    I also share a similar hope with tannerleah…Jesus really should of taken the fat fire spectacle.

  5. fat peoples are funnies

  6. thank you diana kostantinotimoavoatifhawhohatimovomich for writing cool stuff (oh, y’all don’t know that’s her real name?)

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