4 | am


That’s Daniel. He doesn’t sleep at night because the voices won’t stop talking. He used to do devil things but I encouraged him to stop doing devil things and just write what the voices tell him. This is the product of one of them.

Why is it that at 4 am everything on tv is about making money?
Are the people up at this time on a thursday morning know something the rest of us don’t? Is the secret to success on cable television at 4 am ?

and the answer, of course, is….. YES!!!

But how would you know, you’re sound asleep. Its all based on physics and common sense, where they have discovered that most of you are asleep while a small handful are just waiting for their instructions to riches.

If maybe you would worry a little less about your going nowhere career and those lovely ikea throw pillows, you would realize the key to success is not 8 hours of sleep before your 2 hour commute but just being a little patient and staying up past your bedtime.

Yes, you might need to learn how to sell real estate online or getting the Russ Dalbey Winning in The Cash Flow Business video but you cant win the lotto unless you play.

So trade in that briefcase for a few dollars in your hand and join the rest of us on the way to riches. I know becoming rich isn’t easy…unless you take a nap during the day.



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2 responses to “4 | am

  1. “Night has brought to those who sleep, only dreams they can not keep.”

    Keep all your dreams Mr. Nocturnal millionaire!

  2. Your comment time is not correct. I made that comment at 2:04 AM. I think your blog clock might be on the British Colombia Time.

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