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There is a serial killer in Los Angeles and the LAPD is too fucking stupid to catch him. Please enjoy a snippet of an article.

“LOS ANGELES – Authorities hope a new $500,000 reward will help them catch a serial killer who has claimed the lives of at least 10 women and a man in a two-part string of violence spanning more than two decades.

All the victims were black and were found in or near South Los Angeles. Police believe some of the women were prostitutes. Seven women and a man were killed by the same handgun in a three-year period starting August 1985. The women had been sexually assaulted and their bodies were often dumped in the same alley in South Los Angeles.”

Often dumped in the same alley…interesting. I’m no brain scientist but why wouldn’t they install cameras in this murder alley? Once, okay. Twice, fine. But three times? What the fuck LAPD. Don’t you watch CSI or Without a Trace or anything?!

With the reward, I’m pretty sure he will be caught soon. The paps will be all over this because 500K is more than what they get paid for pictures of Brad and Angie. They’ll not only find out who he is but what herpes medication he uses. Then US Weekly will break the story and the LAPD will go back to doing what they do best – controlling traffic on Hollywood Blvd.

And look at this cover from LA Weekly. They’ve given him a name and already made the DVD cover for when the movie comes out. I smell royalty checks.

Read more here.


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