katie holmes | robot


Doesn’t the picture say it all? She hates Tom, Suri was a mistake and uhm, loving her life is something she remembers but it’s not a current reality. To be fair, she looks beautiful but she hasn’t looked happy in ages. You’re an actress, no? FAKE IT like we all do.

Daniel personally doesn’t give a rats ass about rich, famous people and their troubles. The Susanna and I disagreed with him but now I’m starting to agree with Daniel because honestly, you should never have signed away your life like that. We all pay for our mistakes. Katie just happens to do it on the cover of Glamour. How difficult that must be.

In addition, I’d like to note that a) I stole this from Perez Hilton and b) I think I might stop talking about celebs because I feel like a hater. But enjoy looking at the pic and feeling better about yourself.



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  1. soslik

    “The Susanna”—lol
    i believe in goodness of people. and we were not there, we dont know what happened. she looks like she really loves her child, dont know about tom. and why cant they love each other? you never know 🙂

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