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There’s this blizzard going on in NY and by blizzard I mean light snow. The schools are closed and this makes me think what the fuck? Those kids need to learn. I, on the other hand, have learneded everything I need to know and yet I still have to go to work? Douchebaggery.

So I get dressed and leisurely make my way to the office. Outside I see some co-workers. At first I was like, wha?! The office is closed? Why didn’t anyone tell me? But then I learn that the company had called everyone at 6:30AM to let them know that there was work today and if they thought of having fun or living a life, they were sadly mistaken. Who does this? Really. We KNOW we have to work.

I did not receive a call. I very rarely give out my real phone number to people I don’t ever want to hear from. And I feel bad for the office manager who tried to call this chick and reached 917you’reafuckingloserdouchebagigaveyouawrongnumberhahah.

That is just one of the ways I’ve learned to say FUCK YOU to the man without actually saying it.

In addition, I got a text from UmbrellaToday that it might snow. Tender snowflakes fell on my phone as I read it. Thanks, useless service.


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