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I’ve been getting really bad headaches lately. I think maybe it’s because I’ve been somewhat stressed. Living a double life can do that to a person. One minute I’m an international blogger, writing about vagina penises and the next, I’m a slave to the man. Then it’s back to international blogger and then a bit of time spent thinking of ways I could escape the man. And then I have whip lash because I’m always turning around to make sure the man isn’t coming. (2-for-1 special.) I don’t want him to know about the 10 other things I’m doing when I’m supposed to be doing the one thing he has asked me to do. But no matter how many times I turn around, he manages to come around that time I didn’t look. And I’m always doing one of those 10 other things. Youtube, Perez, email, IM, car sites, personal brainstorming sessions in which I answer my own questions, etc. Yesterday he caught me looking at some website and asked me if I was working on a puzzle. I says no – just the Lollapalooza lineup. It’s my obsession of the week. Then he told me to throw out the half-eaten hash brown on my desk and that he was analyzing me based on my eating habits. That’s cool but I’d much prefer he analyze the fact that I’ve been wearing really tight clothes to avoid getting into trouble for never doing work. It’s how I passed college – figured I’d give it a try.

When I’m not in the office, I’m at Starbucks. I go there every day to escape the stressors of the work place. I watch men in business suits eagerly trying to impress each other and then I enviously watch people working on their laptops while sitting on the comfy, cushioned seats. Then I wish I could be them and this stresses me out and so I go back to work where I wish I were back at Starbucks. It is so emotionally draining.

Anywho, I hope that’s why I have headaches. It might be a brainaneurysmG-dforbidknockonwood. That would suck.

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5 responses to “fuck | my life

  1. sounds like reversed glass ceilingism to me. if a man can’t get ahead bc he doesnt have t&a, then he should sue.

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