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It’s Fashion Week here in New York and I have the privilege of walking by the tents in Bryant Park on my way to the office. I tried to get in but they were like, chick – this invitation is from two years ago. You can’t come in. And I’m like, fuck you. Just because I sold my soul to the spreadsheet devil doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to be here. Please? And then they treated me like a boy would – looked the other way and made believe I wasn’t there.

So instead of being important and going to the tents, I strutted my ass to work. To the above song. Unfortunately it will be another seven hours before I get to do my little end-of-runway twirl and head back to the hole I came from.



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4 responses to “fashion | week

  1. sandysays1

    You humans are lucky. Dog fashions never change. Boring! Visit me at for a dog’s eye view of the world (and some laughs)

  2. Can you actually see evidence of FW around the city? The way Letterman talks so much about it, you’d think there were models on every corner.

  3. Sarah/The Roommate

    Ugh, there are times I am so jealous I don’t work in midtown and then I actually GO to midtown/Times Square and trip over tourists taking pictures of giant M&M’s…

    So instead I work downtown and use my Ipod as a soundtrack to walk to…and sometimes when the song is too fast I get caught up in the beat and trip over myself like I did today walking home on Beverly while listening to that new FloRida single.

    We live pretty amazing lives lol…

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