it will rain | today


This morning, as I checked the temperature on la nueva york uno, I realized that hadn’t text me yet to warn me to bring an umbrella. Then I realized it was because there had yet to be any rain to be warned about since I signed up. This was enough for me. Temperature – check. No text means no rain – check.

But then, at 8AM, while I was sitting uncomfortably on the train, I get a text from umbrellatoday. Know what it said? It said “Take an umbrella today, dumbass. It’s going to rain!” Well fuckity fuck fuck. How nice of you to warn me of this when I’ve already left the house. Without an umbrella.

This made me ponder – why are you texting me at 8AM? Why not, say, 6AM when I’m still at home? Or even 7AM. I’ll even settle for 7:45:07. But an 8AM rain alert text in New York is just douchebaggery. Then I went to the site to investigate further. They apparently have options as to what time you want your text sent and in which time zone. This doesn’t make any sense. If I want the weather in New York, why would I request it sent in any other time zone but the one I live in? Like, yeah. Tell me if its raining here but let me know that info when its 5PM in Lisbon. Jeez.


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