happy | tuesday


happy motherfucking tuesday everyone. in case you’re wondering, it is indeed possible to have a case of the monday’s on a tuesday. trust me – i webMD’ed that shit. and while i sit here, pondering what i ever did right to not get laid off and collect unemployment, i curse those friends of mine who are professionally unemployed. no, wait. thats not true. daniel is now a professional online poker player and hopes to one day make enough money not to go to the office. oh, sorry guy. didn’t know your living room was that uncomfortable that you were seeking refuge elsewhere. bastard.

on the bright side, my boss is away for the week. while he is a pretty cool guy, he is always coming up to talk to me at the worst times. i.e. when im on facebook. but given that i respect the guy, i will dedicate at least 2 hours of my time to doing the work he has left me. i will utilize the other 6 hours to see how many of you people are reading this.




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2 responses to “happy | tuesday

  1. Sarah/The Roommate

    I’m glad you procrastinate at work too. I’m sitting here listening to the musical stylings of JT and Andy Samberg singing about “dicks in boxes” while my bosses go meet with Jimmy Fallon. Seriously. It’s ok though…the phones will NOT go unanswered lol.

    Living the dream as per usual. Oh shit the phone’s ringing.

  2. theotherchickval

    i sometimes wonder where i too learned the art of looking useful when in fact being so useless.

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