? | means its a question


Sometimes I feel like I go through things for the sole purpose of knowing what it feels like. This is probably why I send smiley faces in text messages and emails to boys. Naturally I am meant to know what it feels like to be an asshole. Because that is how I feel when the 🙂 high wears off. Like a double penetrated asshole.

And the thing is this. I am not a 🙂 type of girl. I’m more of a :/ type of girl. Or 😦 type of girl. Sometimes even a :0 kinda girl but certainly not a :). But sometimes I drink too much coffee or some stupid mind stimulating substance and I feel like being nice. And to me, being nice means abusing the shit out of my semicolons and parenthesis in sucession.

Like all highs, the nice high goes quickly and I am left with a reality – I am an asshole and why don’t I ever learn not to act when I feel this way. This should be the time I stay away from people and instead I’m waving around my :)’s like I just don’t care. Terrible.

This brings me to point out that I never use a ? when corresponding with males. Because according to Daniel, using a ? when asking a question means that you are asking a question. But without it, the question (against all grammatical odds) turns into a statement and therefore, doesn’t require an answer. I am man enough to know that this makes complete sense, like midgets procreating and Superman. But I didn’t believe Daniel when he first told me and so I decided to do a test and text a guy with a question using the mark. The response? “STOP PRESSURING ME. I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR BABY DADDY!!!!” I guess I hit a sensitive spot with “Whats up?”


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